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13 Jun 2002 :: Well, because of all of the happiness caused by the digicam, I've totally forgotten to write about the trip to the mountains. A whole week has passed, and intresting things there, yep, did happen. We were in Lacu Rosu, a little tourist place in the Carpathians... [ more.. ]

30 Jan 2001 :: I couldn't help programming today even despite of my illness. So, I've wrote pechkin - a template-driven news system in C++ that allows users to add comments. Administrator can add news items, etc. And it doesn't require any RDBMS! It's all organized into directories and files... [ more.. ]

26 May 2006 :: There are indeed many prohibitions. That counts the strict control after the alcohol consumption, and penalties for light drugs like marijuana (many smoke it there nevertheless)... [ more.. ]

[ 28th Aug 2002 ] 424 volts | 2 comments | leave a comment

Finally, here in my hands there is the latest album of the "Voltaj" band. Remember the one concert of which we visited at the Black Sea? The album is called "424" and as far as I understand its name represents how many days passed since the preivous CD was released. Whatever. The licensed disk itself I bought at a store, with a book of lyrics and video-track in data area. Since I guess not a lot of you know the band, here is my new report, the musical one..

Actually, the style "Voltaj" plays in is quite far away from the music I use to listen to. So, here is a suprise for those of you who believe the only genre I like is metal! The variety appears to be much larger. Well, in this case we have to deal with a lot of electronics, sometimes mixed with a bass-guitar sound. Almost like in the best traditions of the industrial music (you'll get it as soon as you listen to the ..Tu and 20 songs). Actually, I think the bass-guitar is one of the things that attracted personally myself. After this between the things I liked there were Romanian lyrics with quite an interesting message. The language itself made it sound even more interesting to me. Finally, there was the USSR (CCCP) t-shirt their guitarist weared, with the logotype of the country where I had been born. Made in USSR, you know.

Just before releasing the "424" they started showing the clip for the last song on the local music channels. Actually the song made me courious about the recent creativity of the band. It's called "De maine" (tomorrow), and in the clip all the guys are shown playing and singing on an oil-drilling platform somewhere in the Black Sea. Quite a nice piece of video, and the lyrics are very optimistic. Just to give you an idea what it sounds like, here is the mp3.

In the rest the album really has a very good quality, and the disk design is cool too. Everything's done with gray and orange cubes. Exactly in this style the band's site was re-designed recently. But what I really want to critisize a little bit is the disk's content. Yes, it's understood that it's quite a difficult task even for professional musicians to write a real hit, and the fact that the CD includes two of them ("De maine" and "..Tu") is really amazing. However, the other tracks are not that brilliant, though among them is another track called "Lacrima" which is ok. Also the CD includes several remixes. The gold rule almost of every musican of the last ten years - "burn a remix of your last song to the disk if you haven't written enough new ones". That's how an average Dj MoFo makes his living nowdays. At the other hand, the idea about the clip and its making video was very nice. I remember the band promising to release a really quality product in one of TV-shows, so there is my final conclusion. The great quality was reached, and the fans are happy. Foarte bine.

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