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20 Oct 2001 :: In biology there is a "mimicry" term which means a living creature's ability to pretent to be something or someone else. I also do this even against my own will... [ more.. ]

19 Oct 2002 :: Here you are. The photos taken during the trip to Brasov have been put out to the photohunt section. Here you can take a look at the interior of the Bran and Peles castles... [ more.. ]

03 Jun 2004 :: Completing declarations is a stupid practice that was borrowed by the Moldovan customs police most likely from their Ukrainian colleagues. Everyone knows that on the whole former ex-USSR space the Ukrainian border guys are the most faultfinding and captious... [ more.. ]

[ 12th Nov 2002 ] Chisinau and its residents | 2 comments | leave a comment |

It happens to all of us that we find out something new about ourselves. Something we never even knew. Nope, I don't mean qarreling with neighbours or annual self-weighing. In this note I'll speak about mass-media. Even more exact, about a news-paper. The "Komsomolskaya pravda" news-paper, and not just a simple one, but "in Moldova". Those of you, who have read the notes with impressions about visiting the country, should know that summary there were only three such visits: in December'2001 and in February and June this year. I liked a lot of things over there then, like clubs, saunas and other fun, but the most strong impression was made by the ladies. I'm not afraid of repeating myself again that the Moldavian ladies are great. Unfortunatelly, after my terrific friend Michael left for the famous city of Toronto, I don't have anyone to visit in Chisinau.

During the trips time, especially for the independent web-resource (you might have heard of it ;) various materials were being gathered. In particular, there were photo materials among which there was such an advert on the wall on the building where we rented our headquarters for the week-end. A need for an explanation for the non-Russian speaking public appears here. The text some the advert originally said "lose weight forever", but in Russian, if you remove two letters from the word, you'll have a vulgar phrase translated like "get f*cked up forever". It seemed funny to us and we took the shot.

So, this week almost simultaneously, several people told me that the photo along with mentioning of the name of yours truly, was published in the Moldavian news-paper. Despite that I don't have the paper variant yet (I've asked some friends of mine to bright it with an occasion), all the things they write are duplicated at their web-site. Let's take a look at the accompanying text..

Gotta translate again here in case you cannot read in Russian, for I know this happens quite frequently these days. The text next to the photo says the following: This shot taken by a resident of Chisinau, Konstantin Klyagin, demonstrates that it's possible to lose weight till the complete.. embarassment. We give the complete text of the advert, but in the original there is a lack for the letters "p" and "d", thus not a very nice word comes out the most appropriate translation of which is "to get embarrassed". That's it really, embarrassed and, despite of how said it can sound, forever.

That's it! The hit of the season! Konstantin Klyagin - a resident of Chisinau. Resident.. Chisinau.. Konstantin.. Mantra. Just after I've been there only three times. Can you imagine, having visited the country only for three times, I've became a resident of its capital. I'm afraid of thinking what it could turn out if I had visited it for four or five times.. Mayor? Minister? President? Oh, my.. Dear fellows, where is the queue after the citizenship? I'm the last, ok? Theoretically it's not bad to have several passports. But can anyone please tell me, which one of the two passports is worse to have: a Ukrianian or a Moldavian one? With which one they won't let me pass any border? And what if I show the both passports simultaneously? Just kidding.

And it's really interesting how the guys from the editorial staff found the photo. Well, I got used to the fact that noone contacts the author when something is published. It used to happen to me before with the software I write, now we can observe the same with the photographs. It's nice though that about articles the permission is usually asked. I guess the photo was taken from here. It's my account at the, a comprehensive Russian photography-oriented web resource. I registered myself about two weeks ago there, after the decision to follow the trend in our office that is represented besides of myself with two more nicknames, that are lsenyuk and watson respectively. So, having thinked a little, I put the embarrassing photo to the "humor" section there. The publication in "Komsomolskaya pravda" is a clear sign that the site is very popular. Looks like after someone of the editorial guys saw Chisinau mentioned, they missed the further details, like the author info. Well, happens. But I like it, because they were really courageous to publish a photo with vulgar expressions. Must admin though that the case with the publication was really amusing and unexpected. Maybe, I should add the link to the writings section? Will become a great photographer of Chisinau or something ;) That's just how my debut was.

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