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[15.05.01] releases
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[09.05.01] new hosting
[19.04.01] RedCat Linux :)
[17.04.01] new releases
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[31.03.01] highly recommended song
[26.02.01] I'm a master now
[22.02.01] new versions
[04.02.01] motor 2.3.1
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26 Oct 2003 :: When I told Wolfram about this injustice, he proposed to use his own PayPal account in order to receive money. He had already written an HTML code which would do the thing. Actually it called the PayPal's web interface with some parameters and that's how a transaction is made... [ more.. ]

04 Apr 2002 :: Well, there are some news for today. Let's start with centericq. Today is the third day since the IRC protocol support implementation started. And there is a visible progress. The CVS repository contains the changes that can be easily checked out with the cicqsync script... [ more.. ]

12 Oct 2001 :: Several days ago, as planned, I found a teacher of Romanian. As to me, it's awful to loose an opportunity to learn something new, since I find Knowledge the main motive force for myself. The more so, that living in the language environment, it's pretty easy to learn a language... [ more.. ]

[ 17th Apr 2001 ] new releases | leave a comment

Today new versions both of motor and centericq were released. Details are on the programs' homepages.
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