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19 Mar 2002 :: What does a cooler have to do with it? - you'll ask. Probably hot Romanian spring sun doesn't make anything good to me? Like climate change or something.. So I need any kind of cooling in quite a bizarre way, with a help of a CPU cooler fan? Nope, my friends, that's all about something else... [ more.. ]

28 Nov 2002 :: The main hero isn't doing well: recently he separated with the girl-friend of the last two years, who was a teacher too and her only interest was other people's children, according to the voice off screen... [ more.. ]

28 Aug 2002 :: Finally, here in my hands there is the latest album of the "Voltaj" band. Remember the one concert of which we visited at the Black Sea? The album is called "424" and as far as I understand its name represents how many days passed since the preivous CD was released. Whatever... [ more.. ]

[ 17th Apr 2001 ] new releases | leave a comment

Today new versions both of motor and centericq were released. Details are on the programs' homepages.
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