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22 May 2003 :: So either it was Ukrainian rock music which inspired me to visit the Homeland, or it was a need to get rid of the melancholy with the help of new impressions. Some of this was the reason to go to Lviv, where my friends were inviting me to visit them since quite a while... [ more.. ]

22 Feb 2001 :: Oops, it seems like I've forgotten to write here about new releases of motor and centericq. I made them on a day before yesterday. Just for you to know. Also, there is a logo for programs made with motor. You can pick it at the motor homepage... [ more.. ]

30 Jul 2002 :: Finally received the first e-mail from my great buddy Michael, who left to Canada several weeks ago. Here I told how we celebrated his leaving in Chisinau, and now we have an opportunity to read his first impressions of the city of Toronto... [ more.. ]

[ 19th Apr 2001 ] RedCat Linux :) | 1 comments | leave a comment

Nice picture I found at the site today. Would be a great logo for RedCat Linux distribution :)
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