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12 Oct 2001 :: Several days ago, as planned, I found a teacher of Romanian. As to me, it's awful to loose an opportunity to learn something new, since I find Knowledge the main motive force for myself. The more so, that living in the language environment, it's pretty easy to learn a language... [ more.. ]

01 Apr 2002 :: The new version of centericq 4.6.9 has seen the world today. Apart from the support for AIM, it adds other useful features such as crypted connections through IrDA, automatic recognition of images, ordering pizza through Internet, mobile devices integration... [ more.. ]

[ 21st Mar 2003 ] blogs and Iraq | 2 comments | leave a comment |

In this evening I want to say something about the current events from the Middle East. Having read quite a number of various opinions on all of this, it looks like I don't have something major to add. Also I don't want to arrange a discussion in the comments section where the same shit repeated a zillon of times already would be boiling on and on again. For those who like to exchange banalities in angry ways there are forums. Myself I don't see any sens in spending time doing it. That's why I will not try to judge who is good and who's bad proposing my arguments in favour of just another "clear" classification.

Adult Ways

History is a very interesting thing. You can see human psychology on a level more global than a separate personality, as well as destinies of people who were involved into events, no matter if they were usual guys or rulers responsible for taking decisions. Back at school I liked history and I'm fond of it till tomorrow. Once after reading some book about the WW2 I thought that the lesson learned by humankind from the masacre consists in idea that violent ways of solving conflicts between governments are no longer valid. That in the modern world there is no place for bombs, tanks and machineguns. In order to keep people back from the "adult" and "mature" ways the UN was formed and then a lot of other international organizations for controlling the weapons situation, the Geneve convention was proclaimed.. The following Cold war experience showed that economical and informational means were very effective methods of confrontation too, and that winner in such kind of wars is always the one with a more democratic system and tolerant socienty, open for any opinions. So it looked like bombardments and tank blitzkriegs did not have any sense anymore, and that governments now had armies just in respect for traditions. Unfortunatelly, the modern experience shows not all the countries are like this. Also it makes you think that since the ancient times batalies the people didn't change psychologically, but only upgraded their weapons.

Sources of Information

So, yesterday it began. Shit flowed the drains. Because I don't have a TV-set in my new appartment here in Baia Mare, in the morning while I'm having my coffee, I listen to radio and it works sometimes check out It feels even better without TV -- my time don't get eaten by local shows where the only interesting thing is the bust of the presenter lady and because of it you don't feel like changing the channel. Anyway, it only makes you sad. The only thing I really miss are cartoons at "Cartoon Network".

However, all of these news are just a loss of time. There are several news agencies that distribute short texts describing the last events. After that others duplicate them and smaller mass media make the texts bigger by adding their own comments and writing analysis. Finally, the news will reach your ears, no matter if you watch TV every hour or take a look at news sites every 5 minutes. Sooner or later you'll know the original thing. In the evening at most. That's why I find much more interesting other sources of information. Let me tell you about them.

Two days ago I was finishing a new article for the PC Magazine Romania called "15 minute de faima pentru fiecare" (15 minutes of fame for everyone). It says about blogs (web logs, personal on-line diaries). The main idea of the article is that blogs represent a very good alternative (or at least addition) for the "traditional" mass media, centralized by their nature. Every separate individual who describes his life, sometimes not seeing it himself, makes a contribution for the global informational space. Every blog is a kind of a brick in the edifice of the complete image related to a region, subject or professional group. This way he helps others to have a more real notion of what's going on, in comparison with what the centralized mass media propose, where censorship is always possible theoretically.

Recommended Site

After reading the draft of the article a lady who works as editor at the magazine asked me to include more links into the article. Thus, a small research was performed, for I didn't want to give URLs of already popular site as examples, since they're already known well. As result, I found a site to author of which now I have a great respect. His effort and his contribution is hard to underestimate. The man behind is an Iraqi who lives in Baghdad. Every day he writes his personal observations about what's going on in the streets, what is said on TV, etc. Sometimes he illustrates his notes by putting out photos and maps, showing on the latter where places he talkes about are situated. Salam (the guy's name) writes in English, and by his views he's an absolutely normal one: not being radicalist, his point of view is not pro-Saddam, though also it's not pro-American and (surprise) he isn't a believer. Topics of his notes are very different, from the social life to the rules of the sole Iraqi ISP controlled by the government which he uses to talk to external world.

Salam's site is probably the best illustration for what I said in the article. I really admire him for what he's doing. As to the war itself, now we can only watch how it goes. Time will show if its course is like this really clever and sometimes funny flash movie used to say.

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