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10 Jun 2002 :: Have you ever had a dream, my dear readers? A modest, not so modest or a very perverse one? I bet you had. To touch silicon of Pamela Anderson, or to earn one millon dollars developing software, without selling heroine or killing someone.. I had a dream too... [ more.. ]

28 Nov 2002 :: As I already said, the writing and direction of the film were by the same man, whose name is Nicolae Caranfil. Being quite young for a famous director (born in Bucharest in 1960), he has been living between Romania and France for quite a while... [ more.. ]

28 Oct 2001 :: While the summer along with the autumn goes away and it's getting colder, every kind of activities slows down. Adding news to sites is not an exception. Romanians still haven't turned heating in my block on (batteries are just a little warm right now), so I write this with rather cold fingers... [ more.. ]

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