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31 May 2002 :: I think everyone has already heard about Redhat 7.3 - a new version of the popular Linux distribution. Since ISO images are available for downloading at the vendor's ftp (it cannot be other way), the next day our sysadmin burned 3 CDs for me... [ more.. ]

23 Dec 2001 :: As an attentive and frequent visitor could notice, the site design has been changed a little bit. Instead of three years old portraits of mine, now in the upper right corner you can see various gothic graves and monuments. Well, why not? Memento mori.... [ more.. ]

20 Dec 2003 :: I sincerely want to wish all of you good holidays, and also success, good health, fulfilment of all of your wishes and realization of all of your ambitions in the New Year. And at the festive table I will surely raise a glass and say one of my favourite toast -- "to big tits!"... [ more.. ]

[ 20th Jun 2003 ] the konst | leave a comment |

Like the rest of progressive mankind, the brain-grinding mega-resource finally got its own network, which in the nearest future is to cover the whole planet. The network is called the konst, and from registration of domain name it started counting its days. Why the konst? Very simple. Constatation of the fact which became objective reality and life truth a long ago. Just take a look what links google gives you on the "konst" request. Now, one more observation recently made by a friend of mine from Iasi. If you look for city of iasi at google, you find.. right, another proof of the fact that the new net works. The official site (not really a fancy one) of the city is on the second position in the results list.

Deutschland ueber alles

As the chaos communication camp approaches, the guys behind ask me to try to come there with a speech on instant messaging. CCC is a European hackers party which takes place every 4 years near Berlin. Thanks to my great passport (as well as to the EU external affairs), in order to enter Germany I need a visa. So a month ago I wrote an e-mail to the consulate of Germany in Romania, which is situated in the city of Timisoara. An answer in German (sic! I asked my question in Romanian) arrived in a few days saying that my message was forwarded to Sibiu, because the consulate there dealt with visas. Since then there was nothing from Sibiu. Meanwhile, the guys kept on asking me to do something. Finally, I phoned to the consulate. Nice female voice on the other side dictated a list of documents I'd need and also told within which terms a visa was usually issued. The funniest thing about it was that the next day I received an answer on my one-month-old e-mail. Here it goes, the legendary German exactness! There was some text and a the same list of documents. In German. Now attention, there is the main question follows. What kind of a dumbass one should be to answer in German a question about visa while originally it was asked in Romanian? Moreover, the question was asked in the language of the country where the consulate resided. Maybe I missed something and there was a law saying that everyone who wanted to visit Germany must know German? So I ask myself, what is this: a usual stupidity preventing diplomates of learning the language of the country they work in, or there is a feeling of superiority to the citizes of "poor" countries? Myself, I don't give a shit about Germany, I neither ask for money nor for a political shield. I'm going to visit the camp for my own money. Though I've been trying not to mix up politics and culture all the time, such things when they gather make me feel really bad about the German language too, which is still on the list of foreign languages I would like to learn.

Recommended Comic Strips

Of course, you know that Wolfram Schlich is the guy who usually provides me with links to various crazy things. This time he shared with your sincerelly an URL of totally sick comics about a small elf. Elftor is a lack of any political corectness, jokes about religion, politics, 11/9, America, Europe, Osama bin Laden, George W. Bush, etc. A great thing. After looking at them now myself I feel like buying a graphics tablet for my PC :)


And finally I'll tell you about plans for the coming weekend. Starting with Saturday, is to cover the city of Timisoara with its net. The place is 400 kms away from Baia Mare, situated near the border with Hungary and Serbia. The revolution of 1989 started there, and also they use to call it "the most Western city of Romania". Now it's time to see it with my own eyes, to make some digital shots as well as to get some impessions. See you on Monday. Hooray!

P.S.: Not visiting new places during a long period of time can make you look just like the guy from the photo sent from Luxembourg to me by a university mate of mine.

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