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18 Aug 2001 :: The new version of centericq has been released. It was fun indeed to make it support Hebrew and Arabic :).. [ more.. ]

24 May 2002 :: First of all, I would like to congratulate all the Slavs, half-Slavs, quarter-Slavs, pseudo-Slavs and super-Slavs with the holiday, the day of the Slavonic culture. Here in Romania noone knows about it.... [ more.. ]

18 Sep 2001 :: There were no news from me after I went to Romania. Well, I am ok and it was because I was settling here, starting with my new job, etc. I rented a 3 rooms appartment in the center of the city. I even can see the Moldovan king (knyaz? boyar?) palace from my window. I am also full of new impressions... [ more.. ]

[ 16th Jul 2003 ] TV passions | 4 comments | leave a comment |

Judging from the feedback I receive on texts published on the pages of, it looks like you guys have a great interest for what is happening at my geografical location. That's why tonight there will be a bunch of Romanian tales by uncle Konst. They'll be about mass media, personalities and also about scandals related to them.

Not so long ago whole the media space of Romania was filled with various debates on the bilateral treaty with Russia, which was singed on July the 4th. A significant event. Numerous analysts were making their judgements whether it was good or bad. In fact, the main and the most important part of the treaty is that of economy, and it will be great if one day it turns from letters on the paper into real business collaboration.

Television is the literature of the illiterate, the culture of the low-brow, the wealth of the poor, the privilege of the underprivileged, the exclusive club of the excluded masses. -- Lee Lovinger

But everything comes to its end sooner or later. So talk shows caught up talking about relations with Russia. Crowds of viewers caught up phoning to the numbers given on TV, and felt their active participation in composition and signing of the international document already composed and signed without them . Threads on web forms filled up with discussions and closed. And after a short pause the media space (TV, news-papers and internet mainly) revived again. This time the topic was less global, however interesting for many. Morality, with its specific to everyone meaning is a really funny thingie.

One doesn't have to spend too much searching for a list of mankind's primary passions. It's enough just to take any of the holy books of any monoteist religion and to leaf it over. Here Christianity comes first, with its not tolerating sex before marriage, polygamy, homosexuality and anal sex. During many centuries it was the best way to bring more people into church, arousing them a guilt complex for their own natural desires (at least the first two). Also, it's not allowed to envy, to get angry and to eat as much as you like. This way the majority of pleasant activities are replaced with the sole obligation to pray. You cannot even masturbate, because it's considered a sin. The list of passions mankind would never stop wanting can be extended by looking at Islam. Here you've got even more restrictions, like you cannot paint people and animals (I will definitely burn in hell for my 9 years of fine arts studies). Also, as you know Islam prohibits to drink alcohol, and also to peep at someone. I bet you've just remembered "Big brother" and numerous clones of the TV show. Why I'm saying all of this.. If you think more about it, you'll notice that all the restrictions of the monotheistic religions for actually natural things are successfully exploited by the television. And by Internet too, of course.

A celebrity is a person who works hard all his life to become well known, then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized. -- Fred Allen

A short introduction. There is such a show on one of Romanian TV channels. The channel is called "Prima TV", and the show's name is "Faultfinders' chronicle". Every week on Tuesday two guys make fun of recent sayings of TV presenters and politicians. Though if I was one of them whose name is Serban Huidu ("hui" in Russian slang means pennis) I would think about being not-so-fault-finding ;) j/k. At the other hand, if working or studying somewhere in the former USSR is not among his plans, having Huidi as a lastname is quite ok. The name of the second "faultfinder" is Mihai Gainusa. There is also a decoration of the show: two nice looking and appetizingly dressed young cheerleader ladies who dance on the table during pauses between fault-findings.

Television is more interesting than people. If it were not, we should have people standing in the corners of our rooms. -- Alan Coren

Next, there is a popular news-paper in Romania, called "Libertatea" (Liberty), quite a "yellow" one, but popular mainly due to this very feature. I don't read it here, but its reprints at sometimes make me feel amused. Good they're published only in the site's "yellow" section. Really, there are quite ambivalent fellings I have reading titles saying something like "Romanian scientists cloned Dracula" or "the city of Brasov was attacked by wolves" :) I suppose there is something in their staff who can speak Romanian, so they decided to use such an opportunity to extend their sources, for all the Liberty's materials are accesible on the news-paper's web site.

Now, what kind of "yellow" press doesn't like scandals? It just makes living of it. Somehow, reporters of the respective editorial found photos of one of the cheerleaders at the TV show mentioned below. There was almost nothing special on them. Roxana Girnita of 22 years old just drank too much vodka with a funny name "Sankt Petersburg". Actually, I wouldn't recommend anyone to drink vodka made in Romania. Like tequila produced in Russia would sound just weird to you. Here you'd better take palinca (local home-brew), wine or beer. So, the girlie grew weak and limp, no wonder. Being drunk, her boy-friend and she took photos on which it's possible to see an empty bottle of vodka introduced you know where, a dick in her mouth, sticks inside genitals, etc. The photo session culmination was a picture showing the quality (along with quantity) of the drunken alcohol: a nude lady puking on the floor. It definitely won't be the most apetitizing sight in your life.

Amateur shots from the party can be compared with the artistic works by Roxana in "Playboy Romania" published recently, where oiled and luminated well, she posed in various productions. Frankly speaking, prefers buxom ladies with more noble face features. Thus, maximum 7 points by Klyagin's ten-point scale.

I never miss a chance to have sex or appear on television. -- Gore Vidal

After quite a pathetic publication by "Libertatea" (quotation -- "serie of photographs of pornografic kind that surpass imagination of any normal man"; looks like the author never puked or screwed drunk), which said the photos were already circulating the web, Roxana was immediately fired from "Prima TV". Numerous sympathizers on forums said it was the end of the lady's TV career. And something suggests me it wasn't. I even think it's even opposite, -- scandalous reputation will rise interest at her potential employers. "Say something good about me if you want, if you want -- say something bad, but please don't muddle up my lastname", like wise people used to say.

They predict many millions lawsuits for "Libertatea" for the girl's lost career (what I also doubt), but myself I don't think the news-paper is guilty. It's more probable that the boy-friend shown on one of the shots is the jackass. At the other hand, it's also strange why would he want to put out somewhere a photo with his own mug making oral sex. So it's also possible he's not a jackass, but a simpleton, who knows.

Now, what the conclusion would be. Hide your digicams when screwing or having too much alcohol. Or at least watch the safety of the shots you made. People will remain the same like they were a hundred years ago. Others' dirty linen is one of the hottest topics, which is not just in vain exploited by TV and Islam (from different points of view, of course). And I bet you (right, exactly you), the dirty pervert who's sitting now in front of his monitor at this very moment, you're slobbering, wishing to see the shots I've just told about. Well, I can understand you quite well. So, here you go: one, two, three. And here you will find pictures with the same lady published in "Playboy".

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