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26 Feb 2002 :: Another report about our trip to Chisinau has been put out... [ more.. ]

01 Sep 2001 :: Yesterday night I returned from Romania. I went there for two days to see the office of my future employer, WebSci Inc. I also wanted to take a look at the city and life conditions there. Frankly speaking, I had never been to Romania before thus hadn't know what to expect to see there... [ more.. ]

23 Jan 2002 :: Finally I could allow myself to get home right after work. Recently the amount of various parties increased dramatically... [ more.. ]

[ 8th Oct 2003 ] a small whatsnew | leave a comment |

Quite a bunch of time passed since I posted the last article. So tonight I decided to scratch my head and finally to describe what's been new over here. Just like a small rest after a lot of hard work.

Open Source

All the courious ones must had been noticed the recent release of centericq, version 4.9.7. Where the numbers come from? I've got no idea. Initially there were amount of fixed bugs and newly added features, which were the second and the third number respectively. Now I just increase the last one, and in case some major changes take place, -- the second or the first number. Good news, the problems with the Yahoo! protocol are gone. Among major features there is the minimal support for posting to LiveJournal. Back in 1998, when I only wrote the main() function, and made up the project name, I had an ambition to create a whole communication center, so that it would be possible not to leave it during whole the day. But who said LJ is not a communication? It's a real and great community of users. Thus, if someone asks "should an instant messenger support something like that?" our answer will be loud and proud, sounding "YEEESSSS!!!"

Also, a serious step towards getting the maximum comfort for Windows users of the program was made. Thanks to Niels Andersen's efforts, the version build for this OS which is available on the centericq page, will now work on your box even if you don't have any Cygwin components installed. The problem Windows users used to face with before was that the exe file said "no termain "cygwin" on every start attepmt.

Apart from all of this, it was a real pleasure for me to see the activity of centericq users who wanted to say thanks for my hard work. Lately, the following fellows had a possibility to make me a little bit happy with the help of PayPal and WebMoney systems: Tigran R. Zakoyan, Christian Frank, Francis Rodrigue, Jostein Berntsen, Ed MacDonald and Rodger Castle. So I want to say thanks to everyone who sent me some funds till this very moment, and also to the rest who is going to send some in the future :) Be sure, I will keep developing my GNU projects, no matter how many donations I get. Nevertheless, my name is not Bill Gates, so I always have what to spend extra $20-30 for. Beleive me, tequila gets over quickly here :)


Those of you who like porno photography, first of all can consider taking a look at several new albums. In the terms of the process of taking pics this one was the most interesting for me. There are the interior and the goods from the new "Carrefour" superstore. The name must only be pronounced with the specific French accent like "Karfur", otherwise Romanians most likely won't understand you :) So, the store you can see in the pictures really belongs to the network of the same name, and it's the second one they opened in Romania. The first one is situated outside the city, on the Bucharest-Ploiesti road. Actually "Carrefour" looks very similar to the famous "Metro" stores (a bit less to "Billa"), with the only exception that apart from the supermarket itself one can find various restaurants, clothes, perfume and electronics shops inside the building.

Now, about the pictures. When I came there for the first time, having the camera with me, I thought it would be cool to take shots with the great seafood seciton, with all of those cat-fishes, omars and salmons. But like a white man and a cultured person, I decided to ask first if I had a right to make photos in there. There was no sign with a striked-out camera on the entrance, but who knows.. So, first I came to a girl who was giving out various ads, and asked her. She told I might ask people in red, who actually formed the store's staff. The girl herself was only giving ads, and she couldn't have such information. Finally, I found a woman who was putting various stuff on the shelves. She looked just like the girl described, all in red. So I asked her if I could make any photos inside the store. "Well, I've already saw someone taking shots, thus I suppose you may do it, mister" -- she answered. That's actually what I wanted to hear. Then I got directly to shooting. I took photos of everything, starting from the great seafood section (I almost looked into "faces" of fishes and mollusces with the camera), and ending with fruits and vodka. But exactly in the moment I started shooting a manechin sitting on a gym, a guy came to me. He said it was forbidden to take pictures in the store. What a surprise. Just in case, I described the situation to him, and said I already had had a talk with someone from their staff. He kept on insisting, but I already didn't care, since there were as much as 40 used positions in my flash card till then.

Here I conclude that "Carrefour" gets "poor" for its protecting the interior design from potential plagiarism. Now having seen my gallery, everyone would be able to build a superstore just like the great French one. As to the gallery itself, I recently implemented my old idea -- full-screen view mode. As soon as you access the respective section, you'll see a link to the right. Actually, my own reason for implementing it was that I found it very uncomfortable to have a need to scroll down a page to see the whole photo. Or in case if I wanted to see an image using all the available screen resolution, I had to choose "Show picture" each time. In the recently implemented full-screen mode it's possible not only to see a single picture, but also to navigate through whole the current album. The navigation keys help can be seen as soon as the window opens. In Internet Explorer there is a hint popping-up near the mouse cursor, and in Mozilla everything is written in the window title. Actually, it's very simple: "space" brings you to the next image, "backspace" goes backward and "d" shows picture's description in an alert box.

I see a great photo gallery solution has been shaping up here. Probably one day I should separate it from the rest of the site and make it a ready-to-use distributable package. Maybe its license should be GNU, maybe there should also be a commercial version with support and adding new features by demand. I wonder, if anyone would be interested.


Finally, a nice piece of programmers' humour which someone sent me recently.

See you.

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