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07 Oct 2001 :: At last I released new 4.0.0 version of centericq. It contains a lot of new features including invisible list, contact groups and white pages search. So hurry up to download it right now :).. [ more.. ]

18 Jun 2003 :: By 12pm the idea to spend the evening at home in front of my computer turned out into a nonsense. After 15 hours in front of the monitor I didn't feel like writing or programming anything... [ more.. ]

17 Apr 2001 :: Today new versions both of motor and centericq were released. Details are on the programs' homepages... [ more.. ]

[ 20th Dec 2003 ] New Year toast | 1 comments | leave a comment |

The street I live on is called after an outstanding politician of Romania, Nicolae Titulescu. Besides the block I live in, there is a lot of various stuff situated on it. There are several computers shops: in spirit of competition the two biggest companies from those selling computers and pieces for them, "Flamingo" and "Ultra Pro Computers" opened their stores. Recenly there is the third one that has been actively built. This one belongs to "Best Computers" that is also a major player on the hardware market. So they decided to maintain presence here too. It's downtown after all.

Apart from computers there are many things one can buy on the street. Like food, for example. There is "Mega Image" supermarket and a lot small and middle-size stores, one of which is open non-stop. Also there is a drug-store, "farmacia" in Romania (pronounced "pharmachia") where I had a luck to look in recently.

I was walking with a friend of mine and she remembered she wanted to buy her mom a cream as a gift for the New Year. So there also was a pharmacy nearby. We went in, chose and stood in the queue. There were several people in front of us. Besides stands with drugs, counter, advertisments, clients and a TV-SET, there was a girl in the store whose aim was to make as many people as possible understand how cool was the products of "SRR Natural" company. Every time people said her they were not interested, she used to give them a brochure. As a real connoisseur of free paper, I took one too. So that you don't think something weird, I specify that I did it only to make a familiarize myself with the products of the company mentioned above.

The company turned out to be really wonderful. Even magic. Among proposed products there were remedies for all main illnesses of our cruel modernity. Maintaining the original order, th list looked in the following way: means for improvement, fortification and natural remodelation of breasts, increaser of man's potention and means to "loose weight, without effort". Concerning the former, a doubt immediately stroke my mine, because no matter how attentively I looked I couldn't see any plump forms at the ad lady.

Now, how the problem of the women's breasts is addressed. How it's manifested and what influence it has on social life and professional activities. Let's read the introduction (translated from Romanian).

Bust has been always considered as a symbol of femininity. Thus, any women who is worried about her appearance will attentively treat this part of her body and watch what influence it makes upon the others. In case of appearance of some personal or even social and professional problems, such women usually blame insuccifient development of their bust and develop a complex of inferiority because of that. Thus, whether being passive or expressing agression, such women try to compensate or hide dissatisfaction caused by dimensions of their bust.

What can I say, my dear TV-listeners and radio-watchers? All the editorial stuff of does fully endorse every word of this truly programmatic document. I even think that this text is worth printing in morning news-papers on the dialy basis. Here I must note that the friend of mine though she didn't get imbued by the ad, nodded approvingly while Konst was reciting the immortal and wise words of the brochure. First of all, because such problems are not something she might face with. It's a known fact that Konst usually choses himself ladies with good breasts.

Today I'm leaving Titulescu street, Bucharest and Romania. Soon there will be the New Year holidays and Christmas. My vacation will last till the 12th January. The most of this time Konst is going to spend in his Fatherland, Kharkov, trying neither to write nor to develop any software. Recenly there has been a lot of work, because of which neither time, nor forces or enthusiasm left to make something for the web site. I tried to, started several texts, but didn't manage to finish any of them. One magazine article left unfinished too. I have to take a rest, and that's what I'm going to do. At the other hand, I'll have my camera with me all the time, so it makes sense to expect to see a lot of shots here as soon as I return.

I sincerely want to wish all of you good holidays, and also success, good health, fulfilment of all of your wishes and realization of all of your ambitions in the New Year. And at the festive table I will surely raise a glass and say one of my favourite toast -- "to big tits!".

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