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[30.06.01] centericq 3.34.15
[22.06.01] excellent thesis
[20.06.01] BS tomorrow
[05.06.01] new article
[15.05.01] upgrade
  [15.05.01] releases
[10.05.01] job affairs
[09.05.01] new hosting
[19.04.01] RedCat Linux :)
[17.04.01] new releases
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26 May 2006 :: For the ride we were given a buggy, a horse and an old fellow, who didn't even look like an Amish. He was dressed in a brown jacket and a cap with ear-flaps. First he asked where we are from and then started telling about the Amish. Usually I don't have any problem understanding Americans speak... [ more.. ]

30 Jan 2001 :: I couldn't help programming today even despite of my illness. So, I've wrote pechkin - a template-driven news system in C++ that allows users to add comments. Administrator can add news items, etc. And it doesn't require any RDBMS! It's all organized into directories and files... [ more.. ]

20 Aug 2002 :: Several days ago, before going to bed I was reading a book by Lev Novozhenov "Anthology of satire and humour in Russia of the XX century" which I bought in Kharkov before leaving... [ more.. ]

[ 15th May 2001 ] upgrade | 2 comments | leave a comment

Today I've made a small upgrade to my home computer. I bought a 128Mb DIMM and I still can't stop exciting how fast my Linux became. Note: I had only 32 Mbs at home before.
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