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05 Nov 2001 :: Sorry to start with the weather again, but the point is that there is definitely something wierd happening. Exactly a week ago, on the last week-end I was cold. And this week has been pretty warm. Well, "warm" is not the word to describe it, because during several days it was +25C... [ more.. ]

11 Oct 2002 :: Well, spent quite a lot of time describing the trip to Brasov.. But it's not about me being lazy or something, as I might appear at first. The winds of change are to blame. The winds began to blow as soon as I thought about moving to another place... [ more.. ]

15 Jun 2003 :: Before Mac OS X appeared, the market of Macintosh software looked very sadly. Everything, including very minimal utilities needed to be bought particulary. Even now from time to time you have to download various trial versions. Archiver, ftp client.... [ more.. ]

[ 5th Jun 2001 ] new article | leave a comment

I got my new article about motor published at recently. It covers new features since 2.6.3 release as well as plans for the future releases.
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