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25 Apr 2003 :: Regarding requests some of your sent to me after I published this thing, I want to mention that I categorically haven't forgotten the given promises to tell more about Romanian regions and what jokes characterize people who live there. I already started to gather data, so it will be here one day... [ more.. ]

27 Dec 2001 :: New Year and Christmas holidays can last more if places for their celebration are chosen correctly. Nope, I don't propose to follow the Sun and move through all the time zones starting from the New Zealand. It can be done even easier... [ more.. ]

23 Oct 2003 :: Another example of how cutting out of a single word can affect the essence can be found in "Right on private property": "Private property is equally guaranteed and protected by the law, regardless of the owner's identity... [ more.. ]

[ 3rd Feb 2001 ] Recovering..90% complete | leave a comment

Despite of my being quite active these sick days, now I'm happy to feel better. It's so snowy outside today and I look forward to going for a walk. Well, tomorrow, maybe..
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