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15 Jun 2003 :: As far as I know, there are two development environments for Macintosh. They are Project Builder by Apple and CodeWarrior by MetroWerks. Both are quite specific, but not too difficult to get used to. Our company prefers the latter, thus I had to get a clue with it... [ more.. ]

31 Mar 2001 :: We've been listening to the "Bloodhound gang" band in the office recently. Specially I liked the "Ballad of Chasey Lain" thing.. And I recommend it to everyone here, the lyrics can be read here. Enjoy :).. [ more.. ]

22 May 2003 :: So, I was in train, being glad that I saw something new that day and also got used a little with hitch-hiking in Romania. In Mukachevo in my compartment entered a women with her daughter Julia, who was very beautiful, studied economics and worked at a boutique selling clothes... [ more.. ]

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Also I'd like to excuse for such a low activity about the news section of the site (hm, should I excuse? :), for I haven't got my home computer here yet. Though, I'm gonna receive it on the 22nd.
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