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16 Jul 2003 :: They predict many millions lawsuits for "Libertatea" for the girl's lost career (what I also doubt), but myself I don't think the news-paper is guilty. It's more probable that the boy-friend shown on one of the shots is the jackass... [ more.. ]

04 Apr 2004 :: The entrance fee on the reservation territory is a complete trickery. If you come from the side where some park is, the entrance is blocked with an ancient wall. However, there are gates and a window with an absolutely not ancient tickets-woman... [ more.. ]

26 May 2006 :: Among the things I wanted to do while visiting the States was to have a beer in a paper bag on the street, just like they do in movies. It's rather strict with the alcohol in America, thus beer on the street is also forbidden... [ more.. ]

[ 26th Sep 2001 ] great event | leave a comment

All of my communication problems here seem to be solved now. I connected my mobile and got a dial-up account. The computer arrived last Saturday. I managed to get it, though must admit it was a real adventure. My colleague who agreed to help me with his car and I were late for train and had to go to the next station to the town of Bacau. We made about 300 kms that day :)
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