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16 Jul 2002 :: As a proof of the effectivity of the digital photography, the photos section of the site was enriched with several new shots. There are some among them from a party here in Iasi, from the recent trip to Chisinau on 29-30th June, and some scanned photos from Bicaz... [ more.. ]

08 Oct 2003 :: Also, a serious step towards getting the maximum comfort for Windows users of the program was made. Thanks to Niels Andersen's efforts, the version build for this OS which is available on the centericq page, will now work on your box even if you don't have any Cygwin components installed... [ more.. ]

23 Oct 2003 :: A "small" modification concerning the President's mandate duration -- it was changed from 4 to 5 years. As to other numbers, citizens' law intiative (which cannot affect taxes and international affairs though) can now be considered having gathered only 100.000 signatures, instead of 250... [ more.. ]

[ 29th Sep 2001 ] saturday morning | leave a comment

Mixing several sorts of finest Moldovan wines appeared to be not only a bad manner. It's also not good for health. Tried this yesterday I felt unwell today in the morning.. But ok. I'd like to tell about new impressions I got. Today for the first time in my life I used a washing machine. Frankly, the one I have here is of quite an ancient kind (I think it was found on archeologic excavations). Makes a lot of noise. A real monster, I like it :)
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