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[14.10.01] Iris
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[29.09.01] saturday morning
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08 Oct 2003 :: Funny.. [ more.. ]

24 May 2003 :: I have listened their new "Supersymetria" which I just couldn't help buying during my visit to the musicians' home city. The following tracks are worth attention, in my opinion: "Kishka" (kitty), "Vilnyi" (free), "Dlya tebe" (for you), "Maizhe vesna" (almost spring) and "Holodno" (cold)... [ more.. ]

28 Nov 2002 :: An old woman comes to the window and "the greatest man" immediately starts dictating to his secretary: "Dress her in a wedding dress and then bring in front for a church with a paper saying "My fiance died in the day of our wedding", - "The next!". An old man comes... [ more.. ]

[ 29th Sep 2001 ] saturday morning | leave a comment

Mixing several sorts of finest Moldovan wines appeared to be not only a bad manner. It's also not good for health. Tried this yesterday I felt unwell today in the morning.. But ok. I'd like to tell about new impressions I got. Today for the first time in my life I used a washing machine. Frankly, the one I have here is of quite an ancient kind (I think it was found on archeologic excavations). Makes a lot of noise. A real monster, I like it :)
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