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SSHole: The Hole to your Secure Sockets in
SSL Man-in-the-Middle Tool

SSHole is a small proggy that can be useful for debugging SSL-encrypted protocols. When run, it listens for client connections on a specified port. As soon as a connection is received, it connects to the remote host and operates transparently as a proxy, with the only difference that all the traffic is copied to the local stdout. Sshole can serve many connections at once.

SSHole was written as an illustration of OpenSSL functionality for an article in Software2.0 magazine. SSHole can either be built against OpenSSL, SSLeay or GnuTLS.

SSHole requires a certificate file in order to run. This one can be generated easily by running the following command:

$ openssl req -x509 -nodes -newkey rsa:1024 -keyout server.pem -out server.pem

You can specify the path to the certificate explicitely by using -c parameter. If the parameter isn't used, the program looks for server.pem in the current work directory.

Distributed under the GNU General Public License.

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  • Release 0.1 from 26 Sep 2004

  • OpenSSL
    The GNU License

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