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Orpheus is a light-weight text mode menu- and window-driven audio player application for CDs, internet stream broadcasts and files in MP3 and Vorbis OGG format. Brief list of its features follows.

  • Text mode user interface
    • Based on the ncurses library
    • Provides windows, menus and dialogs
    • Configurable color schemes
    • Configuration is done with dialogs
  • Player
    • Supports MP3 (through mpg123), OGG (with ogg123), CD tracks and internet broadcasts
    • Saves and loads playlists
    • Provides quick access to recent lists played
    • Can combine CD, MP3 and OGG tracks in the same playlist
    • Edit MP3 and OGG ID tags feature
    • "Repeat track", "Repeat play list" and "Random" play modes
    • Play list sorting and search options
    • Auto-generated currently_playing file which makes it possible to easily find out from other applications what is playing now
    • Internal mixer controller
    • Command line interface for controlling an already running instance of the program
  • Network
    • CDDB information retrieval for CDs
    • HTTP proxy support
    • Auto-load of the Internet radio presets directory from the network
  • Distributed under the GNU General Public License.

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    Make sure you have read the donations and support policy.

    A very bad thing just happened. I will copy some lines of a message that I just received. I just edited a bit, but it should not be hard to understand where and why I did so: =QUOTE START= Subject: Failure Notice Date: Friday, July 28, 2017 5:28 PM From: To: [me!] Message: Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address. : 550: relay not permitted --- Below this line is a copy of the message. [I leave here only my bug report, removing most other parts and headers] Subject: Filenames too much reduced Content-Length: 2376 Just found your program... as a command line lover, I just installed it wit= hout thinking about anything. But I had a few basic problems with it. The first one I am reporting is abo= ut filenames. One kind of filename which I use very much, has dots in it. I= t is good for many CLI details. For example: venezuelaReggae.dejalaCrecer.versionEnglish.22734311.soclo.mp3 venezuelaReggae.diosQueNosAyuda.featShalomVibration.22731450.soclo.mp3 venezuelaReggae.elCaminante.22731864.soclo.mp3 venezuelaReggae.jah.22732365.soclo.mp3 venezuelaReggae.laDespedida.featJavierAguamala.22732605.soclo.mp3 venezuelaReggae.libertad.22732985.soclo.mp3 venezuelaReggae.noPuedoEstarSinTi.22733271.soclo.mp3 venezuelaReggae.opresion.22733487.soclo.mp3 venezuelaReggae.resignacion.22733900.soclo.mp3 venezuelaReggae.vamosADespertar.22734070.soclo.mp3 Camels for each part, separating them with dots. These were the first songs= I added to orpheus, but they are showed this way: =E2=94=82>(mp3) venezuelaReggae 04:38 =E2=94=82 Star= t/Stop enter/s =E2=94=82 =E2=94=82 (mp3) venezuelaReggae 02:54 =E2=94=82 Paus= e space/p =E2=94=82 =E2=94=82 (mp3) venezuelaReggae 04:14 =E2=94=82 Skip= ahead/back }/{ ]/[ =E2=94=82 =E2=94=82 (mp3) venezuelaReggae 03:35 =E2=94=82 Add/= Remove item a/d =E2=94=82 =E2=94=82 (mp3) venezuelaReggae 04:35 =E2=94=82 Add = broadcast b =E2=94=82 =E2=94=82 (mp3) venezuelaReggae 03:55 =E2=94=82 Next= /Prev track +/- =E2=94=82 =E2=94=82 (mp3) venezuelaReggae 03:43 =E2=94=82 Move= Up/Down =E2=94=82 =E2=94=82 (mp3) venezuelaReggae 04:33 =E2=94=82 Edit= tags e =E2=94=82 =E2=94=82 (mp3) venezuelaReggae 03:08 =E2=94=82 Sear= ch track / =E2=94=82 =E2=94=82 (mp3) venezuelaReggae 04:07 =E2=94=82 = =E2=94=82 Hiding the part where each song name is written. :( I imagine (and just imagine!) that it could be a wrong action that "discard= everything after the first dot", assuming filenames that only have one dot= , in the end, which is ".mp3". If so, it should be, instead: "discard the e= nd of filename if it is '.mp3', keeping all the rest". =QUOTE END= Please read the meaning of two words to understand my email address in this form:
    -- Dedeco Balaco, Planeta Terra

  • Release 1.6 from 13 May 2006

  • ChangeLog
    The GNU License

    There is a mailing list for orpheus. Click here to subscribe. Its on-line archives can be found here.

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