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curriculum vitae

n. pl. curricula vitae Abbr. CV

A summary of one's education, professional history, and job qualifications, as for a prospective employer.

[ Latin curriculum vitae, the race of life : curriculum, course + vitae, genitive of vita, life ]

Source: The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition

Konstantin Klyagin

Location: Berlin, Germany


Software Application Developer/Architect and Manager with over 11 years experience with a wide variety of business applications. Familiar with dozens of technologies and domains. Author of numerous publications on software development and security topics. Young, sociable, motivated and open to new opportunities.

Advanced Software Product design skills, both architecture- and user experience-wise. Requirements completion based on common sense, future development prognosis, strategic thinking, gut feeling about good and bad practices. Proven track record of highly successful projects.

Advanced Executive and Management skills. Running a software development company, development strategy elaboration, team management and process supervision, establishing protocols for both local and remote communication, customer care, negotiations, presentations, persuasive talking.

Multi-lingual and internationally traveled, familiar with specifics of different business cultures. Experienced working with Israeli, American, German, Dutch, Romanian and Finnish companies and business people.


C++, C, SQL (PL/SQL), PHP, HTML, XML, JavaScript, Java, REXX, UNIX shell, Pascal, dBase, Assembler.


TCP/IP, Berkley sockets, SSL, Firewalling, POSIX API (daemon processes, system internals, multi-processing), Bluetooth (RFCOMM, Serial Port Profile), Serial communications, MFC, ActiveX, OCI (Oracle call interface), Pro*C, CGI, HTTP, SMTP, CORBA, Java/EJB, JSP, Instant Messaging, Jabber, LBS, GDF, specific data formats.


GCC, GDB, CVS, GProf, Make, autoconf/automake, inetd (xinetd), Apache web server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL, Versant Object-Oriented database, Rational Rose, RPM, tcpdump, nmap, ipchains, iptables, OpenSSL, Microsoft Visual Studio, Tomcat, Code Warrior IDE for Palm and MacOS, Power Plant Tools for Mac.

Operating Systems

Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Sun Solaris, AIX, Palm OS, MacOS X/Darwin, Windows, MS-DOS, OS/2.

Professional Experience

CEO and Founder, June 2005 - Present

A software house in Ukraine subcontracting for companies in EU and US. All projects delivered on time. Very high customer satisfaction. We call it smart consulting instead of outsourcing.

We do J2EE (Servlets, JSP, tag libraries, JSTL, JavaMail, JTA, JMS), databases (MySQL, Oracle, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL, Berkley Database), application and web servers (Apache, Microsoft IIS, Tomcat, JBoss, Resin, WebSphere), workflow automation (OSWorkflow, Enhydra Shark), remoting (RMI, RPC/JAX-RPC, SOAP, CORBA), XML (SAX, DOM, XSLT), portlets (JSR168, Novell exteNd, Liferay), AOP (AspectJ, AOP Alliance, AspectWerkz), security and cryptography (SSL/SSH, PGP, encryption protocols), data compression, remote deployment, JNDI/LDAP, RDF/RDQL, Javascript, AJAX, C/C++, REXX. Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Sun Solaris and Palm OS.

With an experienced QA crew on our side, who validates results of every step of development, we don't let bugs get to our customers. We also offer automated testing solutions.

Senior Software Developer and Architect, December 2004 - February 2009
Nokia gate5 AG, Berlin, Germany

Involved into development of a set of tools used to process and prepare data, used by the navigation software on mobile devices:

* Designed a flexible multi-purpose parser of GDF data supplied by Teleatlas, Navteq and other major vendors, easily extendable and portable
* Implemented support for TMC/RDS and road exit signs data processing
* Implemented processing of average speeds statistical data from Inrix and developed a format for storing that data in the compressed map files used on devices
* Ported a major server-side codebase from Linux to SunOS platform
* Implemented Unicode and multi-language support for searching and
storing of locality names by transliterating them. No matter which alphabet is used while searching, the places are still to be found
* Optimized the compressed maps format used by the navigation
application on devices
* Implemented the satellite images layer in the compressed maps format
* Resolved a number of routing issues

Was involved into development of the Ovi Places service:

* Designed and implemented the initial architecture of the Places Service in Nokia's Ovi framework
* Designed and passed over to a team in Tampere the Sync and Share service (former Floating Profile) to hold users' personal items
* Designed and implemented a storage for images to be used by the Places service front-end
* Facilitated communication with an external team from a subcontractor company involved into development of the UI front-end of the Places service

Senior Software Engineer, September 2003 - November 2004
Digitair, Bucharest, Romania

Developed sophisticated implementation of the ZModem file transfer protocol for Linux, Windows and Palm OS (same source, portable code). Created several applications for serial traffic redirection and callback solutions. Developed ActiveX components, MFC-based, and PalmOS applications for serial, Bluetooth and TCP/IP communications.

Developed applications to control meteorological stations manufactured by the Finnish company Vaisala and also to access data on such equipment. The applications were implemented in C++ for Windows and Palm OS.

Wrote server-side components for mobile applications distributed on Romania's only CDMA operator, Zapp. Among them, <<FHM de buzunar>> (, the popular pocket edition of the <<FHM Romania>> magazine, its client/server architecture and a complete web-based CMS to manage the content.

Senior C++ Developer / Team Leader, February 2003 - September 2003
SC iSee Media Romania SRL, Baia Mare, Romania
Affiliate of iSee Media Inc., Toronto, Canada

Was involved into development of PhotoVista, an ultimate panorama images stitching tool for Windows and Mac (Mac OS X and Carbon-oriented so that the program runs on older versions of the OS). Implemented the design and programming of client-server communications (in C++ and Java languages) between the application and the Zoom Server solution, the industry standard for Internet imaging and an essential component of any WEB application requiring image delivery. The patented, scalable technology delivers high-resolution images, panoramas and 3D objects that you can view using any standard browser. Zoom Image Server makes it easier for various businesses to integrate, deploy, scale, and manage the delivery of dynamic, interactive and immersive imaging.

Software Developer / Team Leader, September 2001 - February 2003
SC Richard Consulting SRL, Iasi, Romania
Affiliate of WebSci Technologies, NJ, USA

Participated in development of the Ensiva project, which is the Industry's only integrated tool for deploying data-driven web applications for all types of wired and wireless devices. Combines the advantages of time-tested RDBMS technology with standards-driven web technologies such as XML, Java, HTML, WML, JavaScript, WMLScript and VoiceXML. Above all, Ensiva enables the design and deployment of data-driven Web Services without the advanced programming expertise required for using competing Application Servers with less features.

Project Manager, June 2001 - September 2001 Ltd, Kharkov, Ukraine

Working in the outsourcing field, taken care of project leadership for PDASecure, a next generation passwords and data encrypting protection for Palm handheld devices. Scheduled development stages, directed the team and carried on relations with the customer. is a group of ultimate news sites with advanced features written mainly in Perl. Consists of more than 3.000 domains dedicated to different topics, such as,,, etc. Provides news, entries for editors, webmail subsystem and more.

Among other projects there was the Internet traffic division daemon - a program for Linux that was running in background. It was able to edit outgoing packets on an Ethernet card so that the destination IP addresses in the packets sent through an Ethernet card were replaced with addresses of dial-up interfaces available in the system for the moment.

Analyst Programmer / Team Leader, April 1999 - June 2001
*NIX Solutons, Kharkov, Ukraine
Affiliate of United Softhouse, Herzliya, Israel

Bannerpool- a complex hardware-software technical system for Internet advertising campaigns. Advertisers use Web interface to create campaigns, define their properties, such as duration, planned banner shows, price, and upload banners to the system. After a campaign is created, the core Expert system consisting of CORBA servers analyzes information about users, banners, and forming and filling pools of banners. All systems are administered with the help of a Windows application. Information is stored in Oracle 8i database.

Work on the Bannerpool project involved a 2 weeks long knowledge transfer trip to Israel during which there were several meetings with the customers and working together with the Israeli team.

HIDE network is a secure solution for Windows clients. The system itself is a distributed network of proxy servers allowing secure connections for registered users. If a special virtual Ethernet driver is installed on client's computer all their TCP/IP communications go through the proxy servers which find the shortest way for the traffic going insecure in raw format to its destination.

Support online is a flexible solution for technical support desks. Separated into several workplace programs for users with different roles, it has a server-side daemon that provides efficient access to the Oracle database. The roles include user, supporter, librarian and administrator.

Bannersplit is a complex solution for web portals affiliation programs. Let us assume that a site having the support for it proposes web portal owners to bring their services together and wants to pay back with banner clicks. The portal is subscribed to a banner rotation system. So, the site shows banners from the portal and when a user clicks, the banner provider <<thinks>> the click came from the portal, even though the banner actually was shown on an affiliated site.

Match21: online smart marketing system, which allows matching, buying and selling requests by complex criteria. The system is equipped with own secure instant messaging program developed by me.

Cyberstate: an innovative cyber game with elements of virtual reality.


Tornado BBS Software

Back in 1995-98 used to develop and maintain a powerful software suite for Bulletin Board Systems. The BBS term was especially applied to the thousands of local BBS systems that operated during the pre-Internet computer era, typically run by amateurs out of their homes with a single modem line each.

Tornado's rich set of features included support for various terminal emulations, X/Y/ZModem file transfer protocols, internal scripting language, configurable language files and user menus, multi-channel conferencing, internal file system access shell, file and message areas, IEMSI auto-authorization and a bunch of unique features.

Due to its features and ongoing active development, the software gained a great popularity, especially in CIS, but there also was a feedback from American and European users. It was considered a good choice for BBS equally with other popular software such as RemoteAccess, Maximus and WildCat.

Tornado was written in Pascal and had versions for MS-DOS, Windows and OS/2.

Centericq multi-IM client

Centericq is a text mode menu- and window-driven IM interface that supports the ICQ2000, Yahoo!, AIM, IRC, MSN, Gadu-Gadu, and Jabber protocols. It allows you to send, receive, and forward messages, URLs, SMSes (both through the ICQ server and email gateways supported by Mirabilis), contacts, and email express messages, and it has many other useful features. An internal RSS reader and a LiveJournal client are also provided.

During development of centericq, publicly available libraries for IM protocols were used. While dealing with them, I contributed with various fixes and new features to their development.

Centericq is written in C++ and known to build and work on Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS X, Sun Solaris and MS Windows operating systems. It is included into major distributions and software collections of major Linux distributions such as Debian, Mandrake, ASPLinux, Gentoo and others.

Motor text-mode programming IDE

Motor is a text mode based programming environment for Linux. It consists of a powerful editor with syntax highlight feature, project manager, makefile generator, gcc, gdb and cvs front-end. Due to its flexibility, it can be configured for almost any compiler and even a programming language.

Motor can be also found included into distributions of Linux and used mostly in various educational institutions and by beginner programmers.

The complete list of current projects can be found at


In 2006 Konst was a columnist at <<Haking>>, a computer security magazine, printed in English, Polish, German, French, Czech and Spanish languages.

The second version of the web-future, an analysis on the history and main principles of the Web 2.0 paradigm. The article also covers vulnerabilities and security threats that the combinations of technologies and approaches used in Web 2.0 can bring. <<Hacker-Spec>> magazine published in Russian. Issue 6, 2006.

Port scanning from administrator's point of view. The article provides details on every known type of port scanning. It also answers the question whether so-called stealth port scanning is truly undetectable and describes the tools used to expose intruders using such techniques. <<Haking>> magazine, printed in English, Polish, German, French, Czech and Spanish languages. Issue 1, 2005.

Instant Paranoia, an overview of security features of the most popular instant messenger networks. The article covers security flaws and advantages of such well-known IM services as ICQ, Yahoo!, MSN, AIM, Jabber, also the Polish Gadu-Gadu solution. Provides protocol dumps and detailed traffic analysis with the maximum attention to details. <<Haking>> magazine, printed in Polish, German, French, Czech and Spanish. Issue 3, 2004.

IP Autopsy, an article about using raw sockets to send arbitrary IP packets in Linux. Tells about coding techniques and possible ways to compromise some operating systems TCP stack. <<Hacker>> magazine published in Russian. Issue 3, 2004.

ICQ passwords caught, an article about interception of passwords on the ICQ network. Covers the principle used to encode passwords and describes they way it was revealed. The example code provided is a simple TCP sniffer written in Perl that runs tcpdump through a pipe. <<Hacker>> magazine published in Russian. Issue 4, 2004.

Series of articles about using PHP to create dynamic web sites. Covers HTTP methods, interaction with SQL database servers and working with images in PHP. <<PC Magazine Romania>>, issues January-March 2003.

Series of articles on UNIX daemon programs development. Provides information on daemon creation sequence, process groups and server programs for UDP and TCP, using inetd/xinetd to run network services along with sample code. <<argc & argv>> magazine, issues 40-43 2002.

Back in 2002, Konst was interviewed by <<PC Magazine Romania>> as a developer of popular GNU programs and a foreigner working in Romanian IT. The interview was published in the September issue.

The complete list of publications along with links to online versions of articles can be found at


National Technical University <<Kharkov Polytechnic University>>, Ukraine.
Bachelor Science in Applied Mathematics.
Master Science in Applied Mathematics.

Municipal courses of foreign languages. Kharkov, Ukraine.
Certificate of Achievements, English.

Childrens arts school nr. 2, Kharkov, Ukraine.
Certificate of Achievements, Fine arts.


Regional Olympiad in Programming. The Small Academy of Science, Ukraine.
1st place.

Regional Competition for the best science work in Programming. Small Academy of Science of Ukraine.
3rd place.

All-Ukraine students Olympiad in Programming.
Award for the best authors program. certifications.
Transcript ID 167438 (

UNIX Programming (General) (Master level): Scored higher than 99% of all previous test takers. Demonstrates understanding of most advanced concepts within the subject area. Appears capable of mentoring others on the most complex projects.

Linux Programming (General) (Master level): Scored higher than 98% of all previous test takers. Demonstrates understanding of most advanced concepts within the subject area. Appears capable of mentoring others on the most complex projects.

C Language (Master level): Scored higher than 96% of all previous test takers. Demonstrates a clear understanding of many advanced concepts within this topic. Appears capable of mentoring others on most projects in this area.

C++ Language (Master level): Scored higher than 96% of all previous test takers. Demonstrates a clear understanding of many advanced concepts within this topic. Appears capable of mentoring others on most projects in this area.

Linux Administration (General) (Master level): Scored higher than 96% of all previous test takers. Demonstrates a clear understanding of many advanced concepts within this topic. Appears capable of mentoring others on most projects in this area.

C++ Fundamentals (Master level): Scored higher than 95% of all previous test takers. Demonstrates understanding of most advanced concepts within the subject area. Appears capable of mentoring others on the most complex projects.

PHP4 (Master level): Scored higher than 95% of all previous test takers. Demonstrates understanding of most advanced concepts within the subject area. Appears capable of mentoring others on the most complex projects.

CGI Scripting (Master level): Scored higher than 94% of all previous test takers. Demonstrates understanding of most advanced concepts within the subject area. Appears capable of mentoring others on the most complex projects.

Personal Details

Spoken languages: Russian, English, Romanian, Ukrainian and German.
Interests: Traveling, foreign languages, writing, photography, art and mass media.
Marital status: Single.
Other: Non-smoker.
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